Ana is now in the second year of the Marketing Management study at Fontys in Venlo

She works as an ambassador and helps new students to feel at home in Venlo.

Ana (19) comes from Romania and is in the second year of the marketing management study at Fontys. She lives in a student house in Venlo with a fellow student and has her own room. Before corona started, she often went into the city and was found at parties and events in Venlo. Now none of that is possible, she works as an ambassador and helps new students to feel at home in Venlo. She will pick up the student (s) from the station, gives them a tour of the city and helps them with their documents. She also likes to chill in her room and watch movies.

In Romania, Ana worked as a promoter and sold products to customers. That is also one of the reasons that she started to study marketing management. Among other things, she is currently teaching about Instagram hags and consumer behavior. The last one is also her favorite subject because she finds it interesting what people think when they buy something. Ana is not yet sure what she wants to do after her education. She is really at home in the marketing world and likes to be in contact with real people instead of following statistics behind her laptop. She really misses the personal contact with classmates and teachers because of all the online lessons. Luckily Fontys provides online webinars and other opportunities to meet new students. At the moment she focuses on herself and her studies and enjoys watching marketing related videos. She hopes to be able to do an internship at Tesla's company.

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