Student Bram is following a master's in Global supply chain managemen at UM Campus Venlo

"In Venlo you are in the middle of the logistics hub, which means that you have more contact with companies."

Bram comes from a small village near Utrecht and currently lives in Maastricht. He started his bachelor International business in 2015 at Maastricht University and has spent 2 years on the board. He has been six months in Vietnam for consultancy for Dutch companies abroad. The other year he did student consultancy with 8 people in which he was a kind of project manager in which they looked at companies in Limburg. Now he is following his master Global supply chain management and change at Maastricht University - Campus Venlo. You also have the same master's at the university in Maastricht and despite the shorter travel time Bram has still chosen to follow his masters in Venlo. He has thoroughly studied the differences and was pleased that Venlo is more practice oriented. “You are also in the middle of the logistics hub, which means that you have more contact with companies”. The master thesis is also more focused on writing at a company instead of just on campus. The program in Venlo is much smaller in scale, so you have good contact with the professors and the campus feels like a kind of living room.

Since corona, Bram has started cooking more extensively and goes for a run more often to go outside that way. He has also recently bought a new mountain bike to enjoy cycling in the woods and he can be found once or twice a week at the tennis club in Maastricht. He has not yet decided what he wants to do after his studies. After his board years he liked the big consultancy world, but a guest lecture during his education also showed him the side of the smaller startups. Now he is in between the two, but luckily there are plenty of choices for Bram!

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