Dogan is following the master Health Food and Innovation Management

From his master's degree in biomedical sciences in Maastricht, Dogan came to Venlo to do his second master's.

Dogan is from Turkey and came to Venlo in 2019 for his Master Health Food and Innovation Management at Maastricht University - Campus Venlo. He has a student room in the Lebe City Campus in Venlo and thinks it is a nice city to live in. A flexible environment where you can be calm and active at the same time in the same place.

Before he started his Master here in Venlo, he followed a bachelor's degree in Istanbul and from there he went to Maastricht. Here he followed his first master’s in biomedical sciences with a specialization in nutrition. This is also where Dogan's love of food comes from, and that's when he discovered he was more interested in the commercial side too. That was ultimately the reason why he chose Venlo at the time and he is still grateful for that. Dogan definitely recommends this master because you often look at all kinds of things with an open mind. There are different topics you can focus on, you will learn more about food law, how to start your own startup, entrepreneurship, human biology and consumer psychology.

Dogan has also been chairman of the board of the study association ISA Umami for 1 year. He thought that was super fun to do, but it was a shame that they had to scrap all activities when corona came. He misses that social contact with fellow students and friends the most. He also misses the campus itself very much, but on the other hand, it is very easy to just roll out of bed to your desk in the morning to follow your lessons. Because he is indoors so much, Dogan finds it very important to keep moving well and to go outside for fresh air. Normally he can be found in the gym a lot, but now he mainly takes long walks along the Maas.

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