Studying tips in COVID times

Currently, exams are being held again and this is the least favorite time of students. In order to help you out, Checkvenlo has written some tips for you as a student! We hope that these tips will make the situation a little bit more bearable.

You are probably wondering, where do I need tips for? Well, we think that everything may help you in getting the desired grades. Therefore, we have listed some tips, so you can achieve better results!

  • Tip 1: Organize your study place

Try to get rid of all those distractions (yes, even your phone). Also make sure that you feel comfortable! So, get yourself a warm blanket and some coco! Everything must be perfect while studying.

  • Tip 2: Take regular breaks

Research has shown that it is very important to take breaks! It takes your mind of the study and make you think of something else for a while. However, be aware to time your breaks, so you do not lose valuable time.

  • Tip 3: Get some fresh air

Yes, we know, you do not have all the time and the weather is not great. But please get outside! Fresh air is very important for your concentration, also it is nice to be in another environment!

  • Tip 4: Create flashcards

One of the top study tips for students! Using flashcards whilst studying. By using flashcards, you can quiz yourself and you may remember learning materials faster!

  • Tip 5: Have fun with learning!

Breaking down materials and creating rhymes could make learning easier and more fun! It also helps you remember things better!

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