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Checkvenlo presents you with the 22 must see's and must do's in Venlo. The most exciting, challenging and fun things to do in and around the city.

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What are the places that you just have to see and what are the things you simply have to do in Venlo? Below you'll find all the city's hotspots in one convenient overview: 11 Must see's & 11 must do's! Enjoy!


1. City Hall

The iconic building with plants on the facade and trees inside. Totally Cradle to Cradle, so all materials of the building can be recycled.

2. Julianapark

Do you live out of the Julianapark, where you can also find various events several times

3. Keizerstraatje

The Venlo of 1804, when emperor (keizer) Napoleon passed through to avoid the crowds. Nowadays you can enjoy splendid beers and food here.

4. Castle Gardens Arcen

Feel like a royal at the Castle Gardens in Arcen. At 10 km from Venlo you find 32 acres of wonderful gardens around a 17th century castle.

5. De Groote Heide

Go for a 5.6 km walk/run/ride/skate at nature park De Groote Heide. On sunny days you see the spectacular take-off and landings of gliders.

6. Chapel of Genooi

Exams coming up and need some help from above? Say a prayer and light a candle at the 600 years old Chapel of Genooy, just north of Venlo.

7. Q4

Many years a dodgy neighbourhood, but Q4 now is the vibrant heart of the city. A mix of shops, bars, artists, modern and authentic houses.

8. Old city hall

The old 16th century city hall is the crown jewel of the city. This astonishing Renaissance building, with the two onion shaped towers.

9. Martinuskerk

A beautiful 15th century Gothic church with a 68 meters tall tower. Definitely worth a visit, even if you are not religious.

10. Saturday market

A Dutch expression says, ‘a Euro is worth double at the market’. This also counts for the open-air market at Nolensplein every Saturday.

11. Steyl

Steyl: the Lourdes of the province Limburg. A spiritual old village with botanic gardens, churches and unique museums.

11 x MUST DO

1. Party at John Doe

Monday: party. Tuesday: party. Wednesday: party. Thursday: party. Friday: party. Saturday: party. Sunday: party. At the party bar of Venlo!

2. See a play at Theatre De Maaspoort

Check out their great plays and shows. It also locates the beautiful Scheuten roof terrace bar, with a breath-taking view over the Meuse.

3. Visit Grenswerk

Join a concert, dance event or student party at Grenswerk, the music venue in Venlo. Insider tip: the restaurant serves the best food!

4. Go Shopping

Shopping never gets boring in Venlo! From fashion boutiques to chain stores and idyllic gift stores to a German supermarket.

5. Support VVV-Venlo

Come and see how VVV-Venlo whoops the asses of Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV and all those other big clubs. See you in stadium De Koel!

6. Chill at the harbour

Nothing better on sunny summer days than chilling at the harbour. Bring a blanket, drinks and good company and you’re in for a perfect day.

7. Eat a frietei at Automatiek Piccadilly

This snack is part of our cultural heritage. An egg wrapped in ragout with a crunchy fried crust, it’s like an angel peeing on your tongue!

8. Go to a free festival

Stereo Sunday, Zomerparkfeest and Spijs. Just to name some free festivals to visit in Venlo throughout the year. Never a dull moment!

9. Go on a pub crawl

‘Venlonaren’ are thirsty people. No wonder the city is ranked among the cities with most bars per capita in The Netherlands. Check them out!

10. Drink a beer at Hertog Jan brewery

Visit the brewery and have a drink afterwards in the pub across the street. The beer is piped in directly from the brewery to the tap!

11. Go to the movies

Sitting in the darkness, popcorn on your knee and a great movie on the screen. Is there a better way to spend your evening?

Check out these events

1Jun 29Sep
Zilveren Camera 2024
Sat 1 Jun till Sun 29 Sep
Limburgs Museum,

Ontdek de meest indrukwekkende nieuwsfoto’s tijdens de tentoonstelling Zilveren Camera.

8Aug 11Aug
Thu 8 Aug till Sun 11 Aug

Een begrip in Venlo en omgeving! Zomerparkfeest is een gratis toegankelijk, vierdaags cultuurfestival in het Julianapark in Venlo.

Check out all events


In addition to these tips, there is of course much more to experience in Venlo. Venlo is a green and lively historic city on the Meuse. A city where you can make it. A city with many hidden gems, which people often find surprising. A city of people who take action and are resourceful. Great food and drinks and plenty of culture and art, lots of recreational possibilities and attractive events.

For a complete overview of shops, restaurants, museums and more, have a look over at Venloverwelkomt.

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