Agro-Food in Venlo

Agro-Food in Venlo is, in addition to the manufacturing industry and logistics companies, a very important and large sector which is frequently represented in the region.


Scelta Mushrooms is an international leader in the development, production, marketing and sale of mushrooms. The headquarters of the family company, The Scelta Institute, is located in Venlo. Together with the five partner production companies in Belfeld, Broekhuizen, Horst, Kesteren and Kruiningen, Scelta continues to search for new sectors in which the mushroom can be used. 'Winnovatie' is the foundation of the company: Through continuous innovation, Scelta wants to maintain its position as a leading, innovative player in the mushroom world. Scelta Mushrooms is an outstanding innovator. The company, together with the partner companies, continues to look for new added value in the mushroom sector. Partly as a result, it is a versatile learning place for students.

Tasty Tom

Founder Ton Janssen introduced the by now well-known tomato in 1995. He was the first tomato producer with his own brand name. The sweet Tasty Tom is sold in supermarkets throughout the whole country. Tasty Tom-tomatoes are harvested all year long. This is because of the clever way that the 5 growers of Tasty Tom work together and match their seasons. When one grower starts with the harvest, at another grower the plants have just started to grow. This way fresh Tasty Tom tomatoes are available throughout the year.

Gipmans Planten

Since 1971, Gipmans Planten in Venlo has been responsible for the cultivation of around 135 types of plants, year-round: open-field and greenhouse vegetables. More than 150 FTEs, half of them temporary workers, produce large quantities of homogeneous planting material on 40 hectares for professional horticulturalists and purchasing organizations throughout Europe.

The highest quality, continuously. That requires an innovative, high-tech company with well-trained employees. No lack of knowledge and experience. Gipmans Planten may be one of the largest in the Netherlands, we never lose sight of the details. Sustainability is one of our core values. Working with attention to nature, but also with sincere attention to every relationship

ZON Fruit & Vegetables

ZON has been active in the international world of fruit and vegetables for over 100 years. They have grown into a leading sales organization in the Netherlands and far beyond. ROYAL ZON was founded in 1915 and received the Royal designation on its 100th anniversary in 2015.

They sell fruit and vegetables under the name ZON fruit & vegetables, that is essentially what they do. With a grower and customer-oriented range of support activities such as marketing, logistics, packaging and quality assurance.

ZON is located in Venlo and had a turnover of 264 million euros in 2019. ZON has approximately 85 employees and approximately 160 growers.

Teboza Asparagus

The basis for the current company was laid by Lodewijk Teeuwen in the years after the Second World War. He started growing asparagus on the Zandberg in Helden; the poor sandy soils at this location were perfect for this. Incidentally, Teeuwen was not alone: due to the suitable land and the great demand for exclusive products in the 1950s, many family businesses in North Limburg focused on the cultivation of white gold at this time.
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