Arts & Culture

The cultural season in Venlo is never ending. All year long Venlo bubbles with activities, events and traditions. Let loose on one of the many free festivals, check out the newest blockbusters or art house favourites on the silver screen.

Arts and culture is right around the corner in Venlo

Arts and culture is right around the corner in Venlo. In Venlo we operate on the principle that you can never have enough arts and culture. We are proud of the tradition of carnival, otherwise known as ‘Vastelaovend’ where a colourful, exuberant celebration transforms the city for five wonderful days. As soon as the sun is out you can also enjoy a (free) festival almost every weekend, whether it’s based around music, food, drinks, arts, culture or all of the above.

You best make sure to not limit yourself to the city centre either as you will miss the wonderful activities that are being organised in other neighbourhoods, too.

The coolest free festivals

We like a good party in Venlo. As soon as Spring has sprung you can enjoy a festival almost every weekend in or around Venlo. We’ve made things easy for you and have already selected four festivals you really shouldn’t miss!

Museums in and around Venlo

From modern art to a museum with collections of curiosities in Steyl, in and around Venlo you will find a collection of museums that are well worth a visit.

Catchin' a movie in Venlo

You might as well call Venlo the Hollywood of the South. Did you know that we have a storied history of directors and creatives working in the film industry? Just Google Theu Boermans, Jim Taihuttu and Pieter Kuijpers.

Theater de Maaspoort Venlo

The Maaspoort Theater & Events is the largest theater in North and Central Limburg. They have a special discount for students to be able to visit performances. From 48 hours before the performance you can buy a last-minute ticket at the theater box office for performances that have not been sold out. Show sold out? Be sure to drop by, because sometimes tickets are not collected. The last-minute tickets for students are only €12.50 including cloakroom and a drink. Will you also enjoy the theater?

Exploring culture in Venlo

Develop yourself and give an extra meaning to your life! Learn how to express yourself and how to feel closer with others and how to think creative. These characteristics could all be learned at Kunstencentrum Venlo. Find yourself a nice course or workshop and learn more about musical, dance, arts, photography or fashion!

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