Eating and drinking in Venlo

We all have to do it, eating and drinking. It makes us big and strong, but it also improves our (learning) capabilities.

Tired of your ready-made-meals or homemade stew, then are plenty of places in Venlo for you to eat delicious AND affordable food.

Dining with a view of the river, on a terrace with a great vibe or just a quick bite from a snackbar or take-away place for a fraction of the price. Venlo has it all, so check the overview quickly to know exactly where to find the type of food that you're looking for. Warning: Don't look if you're already hungry.

Food & Drinks
Café Restaurant Central

Café Central is the central meeting point in the heart of Venlo. For a bite to eat and a drink, in the middle of the market place.

Food & Drinks
Eetcafé Hemingway

Eetcafé Hemingway is a well-known and established restaurant in the city centre of Venlo. Step inside and let yourself be enveloped by the warm, cozy and casual vibes of this eatery.

Food & Drinks

STEK is the new hang-out for good coffee and tasty and healthy food.

Food & Drinks
Beej Wim

Great Asian fusion food bar in the city center of Venlo.

Food & Drinks
Shannons Irish Pub

Shannons is an authentic Irish pub in the city centre of Venlo.

Food & Drinks
Milk and Cookies

At Milk and Cookies coffee takes center stage. It is not for nothing that we are know as the specialty coffeehouse in Venlo.

Food & Drinks
Eetcafé Grenswerk

In our café you are always welcome for a good drink or meal.

Food & Drinks

Modern, industrial with plenty of atmosphere and a wealth of craft beers and good food to boot.

Food & Drinks
Eetcafé Bij de Buren

In the cutest street of Venlo you will find Bij de Buren, a restaurant with an international cuisine.
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