What is health care allowance and am I entitled to it?

Health care allowance are a financial contribution from the Dutch government, for Dutch citizens with a Dutch health insurance. It is an allowance to cover healthcare costs. Not everyone is eligible for a healthcare benefits. This depends on your income. The benefits are intended for people who have a hard time living without this support.

You are entitled to care benefits when you:

  • have a Dutch, European, national or type I, II or III residence permit.(When your residence permit has expired, you are only entitled if you have applied for an extension of your residence permit in time or if you have already received a healthcare benefits when your residence permit was still valid.
  • Have a Dutch health insurance policy (for more information about insurance policies click here)
  • 18 years or older
  • Your income must not be too high:
    - Not exceeding €28,720 per year.
    - Benefit partner: joint income may not exceed €35,996 per year.
  • Your assets must not be too high:
    - Not exceeding €113,415 per year
    - Benefit partner: joint assets may not exceed €143,415.415.

To apply for benefits, it is necessary to have a DigiD. Read more about this: What is DigiD and how do I apply for it?

Check here for more information or to apply for a care allowance.

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