Do I need an extra insurance?

Anyone living or working in the Netherlands is legally obliged to have basic health insurance. This basic insurance covers the standard care of, for example, a GP, a hospital or a pharmacy. In addition, everyone (voluntarily) can insure for costs that are not covered by the basic package.

Additional insurance?

Do you expect high costs, for example because you have bad teeth? Then it may be wise to take out additional insurance. Whether additional insurance is required or not depends on the care you expect you need, the costs that additional insurance entails and the compensation for fees that this additional insurance provides. Are the costs of additional insurance lower than the fees you expect to get? Then an additional insurance might be interesting for you.

Healthcare insurance for non-Dutch people

If you are going to work as a non-Dutchman, you need Dutch health insurance too. You are obliged to take out such health insurance, even if you already have health insurance in your country of origin. You can take out insurance with every Dutch insurer; even at HollandZorg. In addition to compulsory basic insurance, you can also take out additional insurance, which will give you additional compensation for fees.
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