What is DigiD and how do I apply for it?

DigiD stands for Digital identity. A DigiD is an online account, which you can use to logon to government websites and healthcare. The DigiD is linked to your BSN (Dutch Citizen Service Number). Based on this account, organisations know who you are.

Click here to apply for a DigiD account. Please note that you must have a Dutch social security number for this. You can obtain this number by registering with the municipality where you live. For more information, read: How can I register with the municipality?

The page for applying for a DigiD is in Dutch, so if you need help you can always come to Checkpoint, where we are happy to help you. Don’t forget your BSN Number!

When you have requested your DigiD you will receive an activation code sent to you via the regular mail. This code is sent to the address at which you are registered and you should receive it within 3 working days. The activation code allows you to activate and use your DigiD.

Ask CheckVenlo for help
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