Student housing

How do you find a room? What can you expect? What are the costs? Here you will find everything you need to know when you're looking for student housing.

Student Housing: Yes or no?

You've chosen a study, the application is out the door and next year you're off to study in Venlo. And now for the next important question: Should I live in a student dorm? Below you will find the three most important things to take into account when making a decision.


Living in student housing costs money of course. A room in Venlo costs -depending on the size- on average between € 250,- and € 350,-. Next to that you'll have to spend money on food and beverages, extra insurances and going out. 

As a student you can apply for a loan with DUO. You pay this loan back after your study. In some cases you are entitled to a supplementary grant, which is dependent on your parents' income. You can of course also look for a part-time job to increase your income. 

Looking for a good room?

Look for your new room in our room selection! 

We check all room for:

  • (Fire) Safety
  • Good internet
  • Reliable landlord
  • Maintenance & cleaning

Travel time

How much time will it take every day to get to school? Is it quickly and easily accessible by public transport or by car? If you're in transit for a large portion of the day, then this can take a toll on your study and spare time. Therefore it might be wiser to get a room in Venlo.

Not quite sure whether to get a room or travel from home? (If you live right across the border in Germany for example) You can always travel for a while and then still choose to get a room in Venlo.

The average student room

You can find a room in Venlo for every budget. The price is, among other things, dependent on size, location and number of roommates.

You can, for example, choose a room in a student dorm, where you share the bathroom and kitchen with a few roommates. But an independent studio is also a possibility, where you have all these facilities to yourself.

Whatever you want, there's a room in Venlo for anyone and any budget!

The experience

Doing your own laundry, cleaning and cooking. Quite a number of things are going to come at you when you go and live by yourself for the first time. On the other hand, you get a ton of freedom. Nobody who is going to tell you when bedtime is and if you decide to go out on a Tuesday night, then that's your choice.

Living in student housing is an experience that will teach you independence and responsibility. You make new friends at a student association or at the free fitness. It's an excellent preparation for 'real life'!
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