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From agro & food to international marketing, logistics and education. Here you will find a large and versatile offering in studies. Whatever you want to study, Venlo has it!

Economics & Marketing 

Do you dream of a career in sales and marketing, do you want to get started as a salesman at a large multinational or maybe your own business? Then a degree in Economics & Marketing really is something for you. For example, if you choose this, you can start working as a marketing manager, independent entrepreneur, (international) sales agent or PR employee for example.


Always had the desire and ambition to stand in front of a class? Want to learn how to teach a group of children language and computing skills, but also how to give a puppet show? As a teacher in primary education, you are at the base of the development of your pupils. With the Pabo bachelor's degree at Fontys you will have a solid foundation for standing in front of a class.


Everything around you revolves around technology, from your phone to the seat you're sitting on. With a degree in technology, you learn to improve products or machines, (3D) design and creation. Do you have a passion for technology, can you solve solutions to complex issues or do you want to come up with and design beautiful new products? Then start your technical training!


How does a phone from China end up in your pocket? You may have never thought about it, but there is an entire logistical process behind it. Venlo is one of Europe's most important logistical hotspots, from which we do business all over the world! During your study as a logistics manager, you will learn to analyze, manage and improve logistic processes within companies and organizations.

Agro & Food

Are you a foodie and do you consider health and good food to be important? Do you want to learn how the production of food works? Are you crazy about plants and animals and wondering how to do international business with these? Then come and do an Agro & Food study in Venlo!

University College

A unique three-year bachelor program, to which students from all over the world participate. The main difference with a 'normal' university is that you don't opt for one study course at a University College Venlo (UCV), but that you compile your own package from a variety of subjects.

UCV revolves around one of the world's biggest issues: how to create good and safe food for the entire world population. With the help of your advisor you will compile your own unique curriculum from the topics Food, Nutrition & Health and Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
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