Getting used to splatters of manure and carnival

‘What the hell do I have to do with cows?’. Not an uncommon thought for someone from the city who goes to work at a farm for the first time. A lot can change, however, in just a few years.

Splatters of manure

"I like to work with animals, sometimes I understand them better than people. When I was four I started riding horses and I always had a love for dogs and cats. My love for somewhat bigger animals all started with an internship at a farm during the mbo study animal care. Five weeks internally and as a hand-of-everything working in the stables every day. The splatters of manure flew around my ears, but I loved it. From then on I knew for sure: I want to work with livestock! "

And so, the search started for a study that fits in with that. 21-year-old Amarens found just that at the HAS in Venlo, where she is currently in the second year of Business Management in Agriculture & Food. "Of course, it had to be something in agriculture and this study was the most complete. It is with animals, management and even in English. Particularly the management section is important, I dont want to immediately enter the professional livestock industry, but I want to do something with sustainability, consultancy or research. That is why this study is perfect! "

Carnival was fun to experience, but I'd rather go to the Sneekweek. '​

From Friesland to Venlo

The choice for Venlo meant that the Friesian had to leave her hometown of Leeuwarden. A whole step and not just in kilometers. "I brought my horse to a stable here, which helped. But it's really a big cultural difference. Carnival, for example, is not for most people I know from Friesland. Fun to experience, but I'd rather go to the Sneekweek. '


Does your future lie in agro & food?

Do you dream, just like Amarens, of a future in (international) farm management? Check out the possibilities here. 

"Whether I want to stay here after my studies? Why not, it mainly depends on whether I can find a nice job. Preferably abroad, by the way, because you don't study International Farm Management to stay in the Netherlands. My dream is to work in Canada some day, I lost my heart to that country. "

An prospective international career, but for the time being, Amarens is happy to be in Venlo. She's gotten used to the splatters of manure, only thing left is the carnival.

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