Anouk is following the master Health Food Innovation Management

She is a student ambassador for the study program and helps other students why they should or should not choose this master

Anouk is following the Master Health Food Innovation Management at Maastricht University - Campus Venlo. She is a student ambassador for the study program, where she tells interested students why they should (or should not) choose this study. Anouk: 'I would like to help others with their choice of study, because I personally benefited from the (online) open day at Campus Venlo. She studied Psychobiology (Brain Sciences) during her bachelor’s degree, so an education in which healthy food products are combined with business and entrepreneurship was quite a change. She needed some explanation to be convinced that this study was a perfect match for her. But it was not entirely a surprise because cooking and discovering new places where they have vegetarian or vegan coffee and restaurants are her biggest hobbies. She has been cooking since corona gratefully and extensively now that the restaurants have been closed for a while.

Anouk has not yet been able to fully discover Venlo because of the online courses on offer. As a result, she misses social contact with fellow students and being physically together with others. But she is busy with a renovation at home, so it's now also an advantage for her that she can follow all the lessons online. For example, she has no travel time to school. Still, she hopes to see more of Venlo soon!

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