Carolin is at home in Venlo

Carolin Zillig (21 years old) from Kranenburg is going to study International Marketing at the Fontys University in Venlo. The new school, living on her own, a new environment .. She's really excited! But why did she choose Venlo?

The Dutch connection

The German village of Kranenburg is a village near Kleve, where there isn't much to do for young people. Due to the fact that the village is in the border area, many Dutch people come to do grocery shopping.

Carolin speaks fluent Dutch too, because she is bilingual. Her grandfather and grandmother always had a shop at the border, where she sat on the counter as a little child to help.

And even now she is a bit bigger, she still speaks Dutch. At the travel agency where she now works, 90% of the customers are from the Netherlands. This is great for when she is going to study in Venlo, even if it is an international education course.

You're not just a number

Studying in the Netherlands is nothing new to Carolin. Earlier, she studied at the HAN in Nijmegen. She personally finds the education system in the Netherlands nicer than in Germany. You work in smaller groups, making it much more personal and you're not being treated as a number. You can always go to the teacher.

“Venlo is a nice and cute little place on earth. Small but nice.”

Not too big, not too small

You'll find many nice cafés and shops in Venlo. No need to go to a big city for that. You can have a nice bike ride or hang out in the parks or by the water. It's cozy, not too big, not too small and the people are really friendly. Carolin herself comes from a quiet, wooded area, making this city a good fit for her. According to her, Amsterdam is far too busy.

Commuting from Kranenburg was never really something she considered. She had looked for a place to live in Kaldenkirchen as well, but that was a bit too quiet for her. She might as well have stayed with her parents in Kranenburg.

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A studio in the heart of the city center

Carolin has a beautiful studio, right in the heart of the city center. Checkpoint has helped her find this studio and applying for rent subsidy. She thinks it's great they're there to help students.

Studying and living in a new city, new experiences, Carolin can recommend it to anyone!

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