Kaylee is a 2nd year student at the HAS green academy in Venlo

I chose a small-scale school because of the personal contact and the smaller classes.

Hi, I'm Kaylee, 20 years old and I come from Goes, Zeeland. I am currently in my second year of the Food Innovation program at the HAS green academy in Venlo. In my spare time I like to play volleyball, party, go to concerts and travel.

I've always had trouble making choices and that's why I was looking for something creative in my education, so not just with my nose in the books. During a trade fair in Eindhoven, I came across Food Innovation at the HAS. The program largely met my requirements, such as being busy in the field, going on excursions, and working for real clients. The program is also very broad, so you can go in all kinds of directions.

Although the program can also be found in Den Bosch, I still decided to go to Venlo. The reason for this is that Venlo is much smaller in scale, which means that personal contact is very high. Because of my decision to come to Venlo, I had to go to the East (from Goes) and I went to live with my grandmother for the first six months, she lived nearby. And although there were many classes online, because of Corona, it was still convenient to be around.

Most people don't think of Venlo when they think of a student city, not even me in the first place. But now I have a student room and I certainly can't complain. Fortunately, more is open again and there are plenty of fun places and activities to experience in and around Venlo. For example, I like to go to Dorstig, Bagels&Beans, Mocca Coffee Company, and Milk&Cookies. I also like to walk along the Maas or if the weather is nice, you will find me in the park with a picnic blanket.

If you are not sure whether you want to come to Venlo, go on a discovery tour. You may be surprised... I also strongly recommend that you register with a student association. This way you get to know a lot of new people and who knows, maybe something new about the city as well. :)

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