Oliver follows the bachelor program called University College Venlo

Besides studying, Oliver loves music and writes his own songs.

Oliver is half American and half Finnish. He lives in a studio in the center of Venlo with his girlfriend and is following the bachelor's degree University College Venlo at Maastricht University - Campus Venlo. He is currently in his 3rd year and will graduate in June this year. For this bachelor you follow your own interests, and you can choose your own courses. These courses are related to health, nutrition and business. That’s exactly what Oliver likes so much about the bachelor’s degree. You can choose where your interests are, such as social science, life science or a mix of both. Oliver has chosen the subjects of health and nutrition.

Classes at school often include brainstorming with classmates and discussing a particular topic. In the following lesson, you will discuss the questions and answers with each other and learn from each other again. The teacher stays more in the background and makes adjustments where necessary. Oliver indicates that he was a bit shy at the start of his studies but has learned a lot from these lessons and also likes to discuss about things.

The reason Oliver chose Venlo is because he can do exactly what he wants: nutrition. In addition, he can choose the subjects within nutrition that he finds interesting and combine these subjects with each other. He also has family living in Europe and found studying in the US expensive. Besides studying, Oliver also likes to spend his time on music. Because he can now follow the lessons online, he has more time to spare. Since the Lock down he has already written 10 songs and also released one on Spotify. He is currently working on an album. If you are interested, his artist’s name on Spotify is Indiana Sage.

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