The power of Sound of Students

Every month, concert venue Grenswerk transforms into the biggest and most exciting dance party for students in Venlo: Sound of Students. Creator and organizer Max Unterberg explains why SOS is so appealing to his fellow students.

"The power of Sound Of Students is that it's just a very good party, but for students," Max says. "It's not about cheap boozing and getting drunk as fast as possible. We are going for quality.

Ever since 2012, the recently graduated Marketing student organizes parties for the students from Venlo. The German from Bocholt started with Sound Of Students in his hometown of Kaldenkirchen, where he was living, at club Baca and in the hall at the local football club. The move to Venlo followed three years later.

"With the success of Sound of Students in Kalderkirchen, Fontys asked if I wanted to do something in former student society The Hub. I did not really see that happening, because there was only room for 80 people and I did not really see another suitable venue in Venlo. That changed when Grenswerk opened, I could totally see that happening. "

A packed Grenswerk, A superb DJ that perfectly sensed what the audience wanted and a great atmosphere in the hall. The perfect evening!

The perfect evening

The first Venlo edition of Sound of Students in October 2015 was a big success and attracted many Dutch, German and international students. The February 2016 edition was a special one for Max. "To me personally the best so far. It was on my birthday, so I remember it still. A packed Grenswerk, A superb DJ that perfectly sensed what the audience wanted and a great atmosphere in the hall. Everything was just right. "

Sound Of Students goes China

This year too, there will be a lot of memorable student nights at Grenswerk. Max, however, won't be there, he will live in China for a few months in preparation of his Masters degree. "If the Chinese government doesn't block my Facebook then it will be fine. Fortunately, I can do a lot online and I have a good team around me. "

He doesn't want to let go too much about the next editions. "We want to do a ladies edition this year, with only female DJs. Furthermore, I won'tt say anything, you'll just have to wait and see. " Plenty of ideas and plans for more editions of Sound Of Students in Grenswerk, the student party of Venlo!

Music & Theatre

Grenswerk is the main concert venue of Venlo and the surrounding region. The place to be for concerts, dance parties, hip hop evenings and student parties!

Sound Of Students is being held every month at concert venue Grenswerk.

Aftermovie Sound of Students

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