Vicky from Argentina is following the master Health Food Innovation Management in Venlo

I love that Venlo is so small-scale, everything is within walking distance and you meet new people very easily.

My name is Victoria Mac, but I prefer to be called Vicky J. I am originally from Rosario, a big city in Argentina. I am 25 years old and currently following the master Health Food Innovation Management at Maastricht University – Campus Venlo. Previously I did my bachelor’s in nutrition. I choose the master’s program because in my country the bachelor’s is mostly related to being a dietitian and I want to work in the healthy food industry field. I also have a big interest in cooking healthy foods. I used to sell homemade granola and loaves of bread. So, I knew this program would fit my interests, and Maastricht University was recommended as a prestigious university. So far, I am really happy with my decision.

I like Venlo as a student city. The city is much smaller than where I come from, but that is nice, because everything is within walking distance, and it is easier to meet new people. In my spare time, I like to visit the small bars and cafes in the city center or go to the parks by bike with my friends.

My tip for people who are doubting coming to Venlo is DON’T. Don’t be scared of the size of Venlo, it is perfect. And do not fear you won’t make new friends, because we all come here to meet new people and friends and make memories together.

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