Having trouble coming up with a fun daytime activity in times of corona?

The moment is here: Due to boredom you watched all of your favorite Netflix movies and series, rebuild your studentroom already three times and all of the books from your 'must read' list have been read out. It is time for some new inspiration:

Fit in Venlo

Have fun, stay fit and meet new people.

Sport in Venlo

Student associations

The best way to get to know fellow students and to make sure you quickly feel at home in Venlo.

Study and student associations


(Online) events in Venlo.


We understand that it’s difficult to orientate yourself as a student in a new city when things are different from normal. Going out for dinner in the evening, hosting a house party or having some drinks at a bar, it all has to wait for a while, but that doesn't mean there is nothing else to do! We would like to make you feel at home in Venlo and therefore give you some nice tips.

Online games

Even though we are quite used to working from home and the associated online classes and meetings, there is more to explore online! Did you know about all of the fun games you can play with and against your friends? We did a tour of the web and came across some fun, (free) online games that we would like to share with you:

Explore nature

Nature is always a good idea, even during the winter and colder days. Enjoy the landscapes and take some beautiful pictures in the meantime. The North of Limburg has to offer a lot of beautiful nature!

  • The Jammerdal is one of the most beautiful places in Venlo. Go Look for chestnuts or have a nice picnic by the water. This place is magical!
  • De Groote Heide between Venlo and the German border there is this place called De Groote heide, With 250 hectares of nature you will always come across something special. You can spot gliders, wild life and a lot of cute dogs going for a walk!
  • Het Zwarte water is located against the village of Velden, which is part of the municipality of Venlo. Go for a Walk around the lake and you've already had your share of exercise for the day.
  • Walk between the villages of Baarlo and Velden in one long nature line along the Maas through the urban area of Venlo. Who knows, you might spot some Galloway cattle because they graze this area.

Student associations

In order not to feel alone in your new hometown, it’s important to bond with fellow students. That's why student associations do everything they can to make you feel at home and come up with fun (online) corona-proof events.

We have listed all the student and study associations in Venlo:


Especially now it is extra important to keep moving and take good care of yourself. Sports are unfortunately not allowed in the evening, so therefore we have to improvise to stay fit and healthy. Take a break in time and make sure you keep moving enough in addition to a full day of (online) lessons behind your laptop. For example, you can:

  • Running in the fresh air
  • Yoga in your student room
  • Fitness exercises via a free app or YouTube tutorials
  • Skipping rope
  • Cycling through the forest
  • Walking in your neighborhood
  • Or sign up at one of the sport clubs in Venlo and go have a workout in the morning or during your study/work break

Shop and order locally

In these crazy times it is important that we support each other. But also support the local shops and restaurants! So treat yourself to a new outfit, shoes or gifts and buy locally! Just like Anne. She bought her new headphones in Tegelen, a village of the municipality of Venlo.

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