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Blog: Battle for talent

Venlo has an enormous number of leading companies. When you drive through the industrial areas, you start to realize how endless that number actually is. And there's a good reason they are in and around Venlo.

Connecting talent to the business community

Venlo as the city of residence is a strategic choice. The location is perfect because the city has been called a logistic hotspot with good reason. If you ask the umbrella organization Ondernemend Venlo how many world market leaders in Venlo are active then you're sure to get the answer: "More than 20". The exact amount is difficult to determine because many companies don't shout it from the rooftops right away. These are companies that are at the top level in their sector. Companies that often need well-trained staff to continue pioneering in the future. Venlo, therefore, rightly fills in with the training of people who can be part of those great companies in the future.

Rolling up our sleeves

The business climate is therefore in great shape. Venlo is a city of opportunity, also for the higher education. You only have to take those chances. The entrepreneurial character can be described as proactive, innovative and taking charge together.

Venlo is a future-oriented city where many new initiatives are being developed, and where changes are considered to be a challenge. Many events and activities come from Venlo itself. They are organized by ambitious and enthusiastic people who would like to contribute to the city. Venlo has proven it often; If you sink your teeth into something, you can go a long way. And the city's self-esteem plays an important role.

Working and living in Venlo

We find it extremely important to show what opportunities students have here after their studies. For an excellent job and gaining experience, you don't have to leave after graduation. Many companies are doing very well at connecting with the studies that are being offered.

Where the shoe still pinches occasionally is to make the right connection between business and personal. An aging workforce is a reality for many companies but where is the follow-up to be found? A question Ondernemend Venlo, education, government, recruiters and Venlo Partners should find a good answer to. That there are a huge amount of job opportunities, is a thing that's for sure! That there is talent, looking at the study offers and the Colleges and University, is for sure too. Together we want to ensure that that talent will not be lost. That local talent is linked to business, and from there a fantastic career can be made. Because Venlo is not only a good place to work, but also to live. The choice not to fly out but to build here is not so bad yet.

  • Logistical hotspot
  • Big in Logistics, Agro Food Innovation and Economic Studies
  • Unique studies that connect with the companies
  • Tight network of schools and companies
  • Many internship and trainee ship possibilities
  • Attention for the start-up entrepreneur

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