Surroundings Venlo - Tegelen

There are nice villages and other places around Venlo that are worth a visit. Take a look at Tegelen, which is within cycling or walking distance of Venlo.

Tegelen is only 15 minutes by bike from Venlo. Are you fond of hiking? Then walk along the Maas towards Tegelen for the sports enthusiasts among us. By the way, you can also go to Fun Forest for an adventurous climb. Or go to Emmaus Feniks to score some cool second-hand items, visit the market on Saturday or if you like theatre, check the agenda of the Doolhof. More in the mood to take it easy and enjoy a snack or drink? Then visit Friture Bronkhorst or Staccato.

Fun Forest

Fun Forest is a climbing forest located in Tegelen. Nice to go out with friends and do something active. Climbing is for young and old. There are different courses you can take, from beginner to advanced. So time to go up the tree and swing through the woods like a true Tarzan or Jane.

Eating fries at Friture Bronkhorst

Friture Bronkhorst is definitely worth a visit if you love fries. The chip shop is located on Wilhelminaplein in the center of Tegelen. They have delicious homemade fries and a wide range of snacks or enjoy a bowl of sour meat.

De Doolhof Tegelen

De Doolhof in Tegelen is an open-air theater next to the center of Tegelen. Various performances and concerts are often given here. There is a large stage, but there are also several smaller intimate places where you can perform. De Doolhof in Tegelen offers space for music, dance, drama, theatre, cabaret and art.

Staccato Tegelen

Grand Cafe Staccato is located right on the main road in the heart of Tegelen. You can enjoy lunch, dinner or delicious drinks here. In addition, there are also more frequent live performances, events and exhibitions. From the terrace you can enjoy everything and everyone that passes by, so you have a lot to look forward to.

Weekmarkt Tegelen

Every Saturday there is a weekly market in Tegelen. There are several stalls spread out on Wilhelminaplein with a diverse range. You can go there for fruit and vegetables, flowers, clothing and much more... The market starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until 4 p.m., so there is also plenty of time for the not so early birds to come by.

Emmaus Feniks

Emmaus Feniks is a second-hand shop, located in the former Trappist monastery in Tegelen. The store collects and sells second-hand goods with the aim of helping people and giving them a new chance. In this way they offer them a roof over their head and a reason to get out of bed every day. At the Emmaus Phoenix you can wander around a lot and you will be amazed. The monastery has several rooms full of hidden gems and treasures. After strolling around you can enjoy a snack and drink on the terrace.

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