Student Startup - Bitez

With our company we would like to make healthy and sustainable snack products.

Bitez is a Student Startup consisting of Daniël, Joep, Bernadette and Art. All students with a background in Biomedical Sciences and the master Health Food Innovation Management at Maastricht University – Campus Venlo. They are all very driven and have a passion for entrepreneurship and the healthy food industry and they carry this out with great enthusiasm with their start up, Bitez.

The startup originated from their university as an assignment to develop a product. They started working on this as a team and this resulted in a vegetarian variant of the South African Biltong, made from shiitake mushrooms. With this product they participated in the Dutch Ecotrophelia competition, where they won the first prize! After that they were allowed to present their product at the European Ecotrophelia final, unfortunately they did not win a prize here, but they have gained an amazing experience.

At the moment they are busy looking at other possibilities to develop more accessible products. This resulted in chips based on mushroom residual flows, called Bitez – Biltong Flavored. With Bitez – Food Innovations we would therefore like to offer healthy and sustainable snack products that are also very tasty.

At the moment they are busy developing their prototype and they are also working on a marketing strategy. The aim is to first introduce the product to catering establishments and then to look at possibilities within the supermarket or wholesaler. In this process they are supported and guided by their mentor and a successful entrepreneur.

In the future they hope to make even more healthy and sustainable products by using residual flows, not only from mushrooms, but also from other products. This allows them to go in different directions in terms of products and flavors. Who knows what the future will bring...

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