Surroundings from Venlo - Maasbree

There are nice villages and other places around Venlo that are worth a visit. Take a look in Maasbree, which is within cycling or walking distance of Venlo.

Visit the historic old farms, have a nice walk in the nature or have a drink at de Vermaekerij. Maasbree is a historical village, with nice streets and opportunities to visit nature.

Swimming at BreeBronne

BreeBronne is a holiday resort near Maasbree. At this holiday resort, guests can make use of different facilities such as a swimming pool, workshops, a large playground and a natural bath. If you are interested in staying for a longer while, you can book a stay at the camping or if you would like to have more luxury, the glamping. The BreeBronne is perfect for couples or families.

Cafe de Pool Maasbree

Cafe de pool is a cozy cafe in Maasbree. In this cafe, guests can enjoy drinks and nice local food. You can, for example, enjoy a nice craft beer and have a nice snack on the side. Whenever you don't have time, you can make use of the delivery- and pickup services.

Walking in the nature

In the Southwest of Maasbree is a nice nature reserve called the Langhout Nature Reserve. In this relatively small nature reserve you are able to walk and relax. Besides walking, you can also enjoy birds and other animals in their natural habitat.

Enjoy an active afternoon at De Vermaekerij

At de Vermakerij it is possible to do a lot of activities. Are you in the mood for a bowling afternoon, or would you like to fancy a game of jeu d’ boules? There is plenty of choice at this location. Would you rather like to explore the surroundings of Maasbree? Rent an electric bike and cross through nature and the village of Maasbree. Furthermore, adventurous guests can visit the digital escape rooms in VR.

Groenrijk Maasbree

Do you like to upgrade your garden, or do you prefer something new in your living room? Groenrijk Maasbree is the perfect place to upgrade your garden or living room with new plants and other accessories. Even if you have a pet, Groenrijk Maasbree can help you find the perfect toy for your furry friend.

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