The most useful apps with student discounts

A student's life is expensive enough for many. For example, you have to pay the rent for your student room every month, you need groceries every week, you want to exercise and once again enjoy everything that student life has to offer.

To make your student life a little easier, we have listed various apps and discounts for students, because student life is expensive and complicated enough. So take full advantage of the student benefits and use the handy apps below


Scoupy is an app that offers discounts on various products such as chewing gum, deodorant and razors. The app is completely free to use. Through the app you can see which products are on offer, after which you purchase them and send a photo of the product and the purchase receipt to the app. An incredibly easy app and super user-friendly.


The Tikkie app is useful for transferring money to a friend, your parents or colleague. With this app you can easily enter the amount to be recovered and share it with the right person via WhatsApp. The person clicks on the link, after which they can transfer the amount immediately. It is then directly on your account, since your account is linked to this app. Tikkie also often has promotions in collaboration with a brand, where you can get a part or the entire amount of your purchased product back. View the conditions in the app.


Studentenkorting is an app where you can take advantage of various discounts – as the name suggests – especially for students. This app collects all the deals that are available, so you have an overview of all discounts. It ranges from discounts on backpacks to discounts on online programs like Adobe. In addition, they also have an overview of local deals per city. This way you have bundled all deals and you can be sure that you don't miss a deal. Convenient, right?


With the Knaek app you can get a discount at affiliated companies for a fixed amount per academic year. You get a discount on a haircut, you receive a free sandwich with your Bakker Bart order or you do not have to pay connection costs on your telephone subscription

You often have to show your student card in addition to the Knaek app, so make sure you always carry it with you. In addition to physical deals, there are also various online deals, check the app for the most current offers.

So make sure you download the above apps on your phone and take full advantage of all the benefits of student life. This way you have more money in your wallet for fun things, such as that extra beer in the pub or a snack during your visit to the cinema.

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