Venlo Vertelt - Students in Venlo

Venlo Tells is a program of the Municipality of Venlo in which residents of Venlo are followed in their lives. This time it is the turn of two students from Venlo.

Venlo currently has more than 8,000 students. That number has continued to rise sharply in recent years. This is due to a wide range of training courses, but also due to the enormous amount of companies and therefore employment.

Moving to another student city is therefore often not necessary because Venlo has enough to offer. Even though there may be larger and more popular student cities, our young people are increasingly consciously choosing to study in their own city. But international students also seem increasingly interested in Venlo as a student city.

Maurice Tells & Jesse Tells
In the first episode of Venlo Tells, two students, Maurice and Jesse, are given the opportunity to talk about why they chose Venlo. Two personal stories. Why do they choose Venlo? What does Venlo have to offer? And how do they see their future in this region?

Venlo Vertelt - Studenten in Venlo

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