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Want to gain experience in your field of work during or immediately after your studies? No problem! Did you know that the business community in Venlo is very well connected to the studies you follow here? So, great chances of a flashy career start.

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A tight network, good connection to the business community and a drive to tie talent to the city.

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Working in Venlo

Curious about what happens, is made or developed in Venlo?

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On the fast track to your career

Choosing Venlo as a city to study in is a conscious decision. This is because the connection to the business community is very close. Many of the companies located in Venlo operate in the sectors the studies are aimed at. Huge chance of a quick start to your career. A very real possibility.

Venlo can certainly be called a city with an entrepreneurial character. The people like to take charge and work together and there's a real winner's mentality in the air when it comes to business ventures, in the SME as well as the larger companies. Every year, many entrepreneurs and companies secure (inter)national prizes for customer focus or inventiveness.

Meet the Youngsters

Meet The Youngsters was founded to connect students (VMBO to WO) in a targeted way with the business community in the (Eu) region. On this platform you can be linked to companies in the region for: school assignments, a side job, internship, traineeship or starter job. In this way you can already build a network of regional companies during your studies.

Together with the business community, we are working on connecting companies and students by means of virtual and augmented reality, escape rooms and gamification. Became curious? Then take a quick look at their website.

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is a lively industry in Venlo. There are various companies specialized in various branches, making the possibilities diverse and endless. Curious which companies are located in Venlo in this industry?


By exploiting its excellent location to the full, Venlo has grown into a logistics hotspot in the Netherlands, after Rotterdam and Schiphol. Partly because Venlo is strong in this area, this ensures a strong urban economy. You will find a number of the companies based in Venlo below.


The Agro-Food sector is a dynamic sector which is also located in Venlo. Various companies are specialized in this. The sector excels in sustainability and innovation. Check out the following companies.

Looking for a suitable part-time job?

In Venlo there are more than enough companies looking for personnel for various types of jobs. So do you have some extra time to spare next to your studies? And would you like to earn some extra pocket money? Check the following companies for any vacancies and maybe you will find a suitable side job

BS Tomorrow - Young

BS Tomorrow is the Human Business Network for inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. They connect like-minded people to the right content and people. The Young Group has been specially established for students / young entrepreneurs up to the age of 35. We have a great collaboration with BS Morgen - Young and may offer you the following as a student:

  • Students (with entrepreneurial ambitions have the opportunity to participate in the Young group
  • Students may contact us about knowledge, network or to spar about entrepreneurship
  • Students are given the opportunity to pitch their idea / dream or plan to the members of BS Morgen
  • Investments; do you have a good plan? The senior entrepreneurs are happy to invest in students with good entrepreneurial plans
  • If you are interested in René's entrepreneurial journey, he will gladly share it with yo

If you are interested, send a message to and we will be happy to put you in touch

Questions about working? Check out these questions and answers
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