Students of Venlo #3 - Gül

In Students of Venlo we portrait random students of HAS, Fontys and Maastricht University. It provides a weekly glimpse into the lives of students in Venlo.

Gül, student Food Innovation

“You could say I’m a foodie.  Food is a big part of my life, I’m always busy with food and the whole food culture. To me it’s not just something to fill up your stomach with. If you eat something, you should be aware of what you’re eating. 

Ask yourself, what am I eating, why do I eat this and why did I choose for it. I always choose for healthy, lots of vegetables and fruit and not too much meat. After my study, I definitely want to do something with food. I don’t know yet what exactly, but luckily I have three more years to find out. Gotta go now, otherwise I miss my train home.” 

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