Students of Venlo #7 - Jordi

In Students of Venlo we portrait random students of HAS, Fontys and Maastricht University. It provides a weekly glimpse into the lives of students in Venlo.

Jordi, student Logistics at Fontys

“Although I’m in the first year, the school is not new to me. During high school, me and about 20 other students came here once a week to work on a project. It was a collaboration between our school and Fontys. I choose to study logistics because I worked in a warehouse for a while. It fascinated me and after working there for six months as a planner -because I quit my previous university in Eindhoven- that’s when I knew I wanted to start a career in logistics.

I live nearby, in Blerick, so I can come by bike every day. I’m now heading to my mom’s sandwich bar, I have to help her deliver some stuff for a party. You see, in the end everything has to do with logistics!”   

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