7 reasons why getting a student job is a great idea

There are a lot of companies that are looking for working students. However, there are not so many students interested in working. Why? Probably because they don’t know how awesome it is to have a student job.

1) Extra money

One can never have enough of extra money, that’s why you can get a part-time student job. Even if you work only on Saturdays, you will still be able to spend it all on Sunday adventures.

2) Free extras

If you work in a bar, you have free drinks. Working in a restaurant means free food and working in an office means free unlimited coffee.

3) Meeting new people

You will meet people who you wouldn’t have otherwise met. Not to mention that you will have connections in case you’ll be looking for a full-time job after your studies. Who better to come in handy than a person who was your supervisor at your student job. Unless, you did your worst. In that case, try not to use that person as a connection during search for your future job.

4) New skills

While working on your part-time job you will obtain useful skills you can’t master at university. Those could be, but are not limited to adaptive thinking, communication skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking and problem solving.

5) Learning work-life balance

Let’s face it, you will have less time. On the bright side you will lear how to deal with work-life balance. Many experience a burnout on their jobs because they do not have a good work-life balance. What better time to learn how to manage it then during your studies when you still have a lot of time to learn.

6) Experience

How many times have you heard “You need experience to get experience”. Well, while you’re a student, it is easy to gain experience while working on part time jobs. The only thing you need in order to get experience is to show you’re willing to work.

7) Looks good on your CV

New skills and experience look good on your CV. Imagine you’re applying for a full-time position at a company. You’re not the only one. Now, think, who would the company rather hire; a student who has no working experience and no skills, or a student who has had a part time job, even in a non-relevant field?

Still haven't found a part-time student job? No worries, we have a list of student jobs to which you can apply.

Check out available Student jobs here

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