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Apps to help you catch app with studying

Need help with studying? There is an app for that! There are plenty of them. In the spirit of the World Student day which was this week, we made a list of our top apps that may help you get a cum laude at the end of your studies, or at least a 5.5.


Some people like to study by making flashcards. Cram helps you make custom flashcards which will save you a lot of time and paper. You can also use some of their pre-made flashcard decks on various topics.

Merriam- Webster Dictionary

Ever went to a lector and didn't understand certain words? Next time that happens, think of Merriam. Besides, it is way easier to just take your phone out and type in the word then taking a 500+ page dictionary with you to university.


Never again forget about the deadlines, exam dates, appointments or whatever you are used to forgetting. Wunderlist will help you set up reminders. Basically, if you're forgetful, you need this in your life.

Nike Training Club

If you don't want to pay your gym membership and visit it only once a month, maybe Nike Training Club is for you. It offers exercises for which you need no equipment and you can do it in your room. You may ask yourself why is exercise important? It relieves stress that uni puts you through. Now you have no excuses ;)

We hope these apps help ease the stress during the preparations for mid-term exams. Good luck!

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