Kickstart your career recap

A couple of weeks ago, Adecco organized a workshop which was aimed at students and improving their personal branding. Check some of the tips and improve your chances of landing your dream job!

Update your LinkedIn

Linkedin is basically your online CV. If you apply for a job, chances are that the recruiter will first check your LinkedIn. Nowadays, it is not only important to have a LinkedIn account, but also comment, post and like others’ posts. This will help you bring more visibility to your profile and help you grow your professional network.

Google yourself

It is not common that the recruiters Google you after you apply for a job. This is all nice and dandy if you are being mentioned in newspaper for saving an old lady from a fire, but not so much if every photo of you is at a party, being wasted. If there are such photos of you, try finding the sources of them and deleting them. You can also consider making your social media accounts private, so that your photos cannot be found by others.

Personalize your CV

Recruiters love to see you put effort into your CV. This, amongst other things, means you care about the position you’re applying for. Let the CV paint an accurate picture of who you are. In addition to an awesome individual CV design, don’t forget to put your photo.


Adecco is the world's largest full-service HR service provider. They provide tailor-made HR solutions for companies. The Venlo team consists of 16 employees with various backgrounds who speak Dutch, English and/or German.

Adecco also offers several part-time student jobs which can be done in the evenings, during weekends or holidays.

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