Why you should visit university open days

It could be that you’re still looking for a perfect university for the following couple of years, but you’re still not sure if going for an open day(s) is worth your time. Go and giive universities a chance to sweep you off your feet.

The importance of university open days

1. Inspecting the facilities
It is always nice to see for yourself if you like the classrooms, cafeteria and the study/chill places. After all, you would have to spend some time in those classrooms and time between the lessons in the cafeteria or other available spots.

Open days in the near future

  • 17-11-18 -Fontys
  • 24-11-18-HAS & UCV
  • 20-01-19- Fontys and HAS

2. Meeting your possible peers
The people who go to open days are the future students just like yourself. It might be that you make friends during the Open day and actually end up in the same class next year. How cool would that be?

3. Getting to know the students and student life
During the open days the current students are the ones that help out. From them, you can get all the valuable information regarding the studies and the student life that is not going to be said during the info sessions.

4. Meeting the lecturers
Chances are, you will meet the lecturers as well and be able to have a chat with them about things you want to know.

5. Getting a feel
Ultimately, you will get a feel of what the student life at this particular university is all about. Then you can decide if the vibe fits you or keep on looking.

6. Learning more about curriculum
There will be info sessions where you will be given detail information about the study courses and the curriculum. This will give you a broader picture of what you will learn and what field you might end up working.

7. Figuring out if the university is the right fit for you
Take your time and revise if this is something you want to study and see yourself doing after university. If it is, we’re happy for you. If it isn’t, keep on looking until you find yourself a perfect match.

In case you miss the open days in the near future, there’s still possibility to visit the open days in the next semester.

Open days during the next semester

  • 13-03-19-UCV
  • 16-03-19 -Fontys
  • 30-03-19-HAS
  • 28-05-19-HAS

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