I have (wrongfully) received a letter from the CAK.

You may receive a letter from the CAK. This letter is sent because they are investigating whether all residents in the Netherlands have a Dutch health care insurance. You have to reply to this letter. You are obliged to have a health insurance when:  

  • You are a Dutch
  • Have a different nationality but are working in the Netherlands.

If you live in the Netherlands but have a different nationality and you don’t work in the Netherlands, you can therefore file an objection with the CAK. To do this, you must fill out the form of SVB (WLZ Research Insurance). Once you have done this and sent it to SVB (see the address on the CAK letter), the CAK will investigate whether you need Dutch health insurance. The form can be downloaded here: https://www.svb.nl/Images/3299NT.pdf  

The form is in Dutch. That's why you can also visit the Checkpoint office, where we are happy to help you translate it.

Ask CheckVenlo for help
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