How does student funding work?

Study funding for university students consists of 4 parts: loan, student travel product, supplementary grant and tuition fees credit. Loans, the travel product and tuition fees credit are for everyone.

Your study funding is a loan that you have to pay back after your studies. Only the student travel product and supplementary grant can be turned into a gift. You will need to graduate in under 10 years, counting from the 1st month of study funding for university students. How many years of the supplementary grant are turned into a gift depends on the value of your diploma. If you don't graduate, you have to pay back everything. Except for the supplementary grant during the first 5 months of study funding. That's always a gift.

For more information or to apply for study funding check DUO.

Study funding for non-Dutch students

Study funding is also available for non-Dutch students with a residence permit type II, III, IV or V. Do you have a different residence permit or are you from a EU-country? Fill out the nationality schedule.
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