What does studying cost?

Studying costs money, of course. But how much approximately, that's the question. CheckVenlo has made the following indication:

  • Tuition fees: 167 euros (2.006 euro per maand)
  • Rent (provided you live on your own): 350 euros
  • Groceries: 100 euros
  • Study books and supplies: 50 euros
  • Relaxation, going out and sports: 100 euros
  • Clothing and shoes: 50 euros
  • Healthcare insurance: 100 euros
  • Other insurances: 10 euros
  • Telephone: 30 euros

Total costs per month: 957 euros.

This is an indication, but of course you can always save on many things. By buying groceries cheaper, going out less or switching healthcare insurance you can save lots of euros a month.

Besides costs, you also have income as a student. You have the right to study funding (Caution: this is a loan) and perhaps an supplementary grant. Next to that you can always take up a part time job to earn some extra cash.

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